A double post today.  Whew.  Might need a drink after this.

I noticed the Boo News carried another CSWAB press release yesterday without any concern for researching the actual facts, so naturally I had to read it.  I have to select my news carefully now or pay for my crime of reading free news.

The Boo News now limits its online readers to 3 stories a month or pay $4.95 for a subscription.  Considerably less than the $12.50 per month to have it delivered to your home.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also went to something similar, but there you get 20 free stories before you have to cough up the money.

So the press enjoys its freedom but if you want to read it, that is not free.  I have never objected to paying for a subscription that is delivered to my house.  I think $12.50 for the service is cheap.  The paper sells advertising to cover the cost of having Tim Damos read Laura Olah’s press releases and then cutting & pasting it into Microsoft Publisher.

Paying $4.95 for online service is outrageous considering their advertisers pay based on how many of us visit the website.

So what, Bob?

Here’s the so what.  All politics are local.  I realized today that because of the reading restriction, I have not been following the local news.  I won’t pay for the online service because I don’t think news is a premium event like boxing on HBO.  I don’t subscribe to the paper simply because I won’t support the bias of the Baraboo News Republic that came with the arrival of editor Todd Krysiak.

I am sure I am not alone, but most people probably have different reasons for not subscribing.  My secondary reason is I’m too damn cheap.

It is an interesting dynamic none the less.  By requiring payment and limiting a persons access to local news, you limit the public’s general ability to follow local news and local politics.  And by not having that knowledge, the local government chugs along mostly unchecked.

It is debatable as to whether or not I miss the rantings of Tom Kriegl, but I do have to admit that not reading the paper makes him less irritable.

Publishing a newspaper isn’t cheap and like any other corporation in America – publishers are entitled to their profits.  Welcome to the right hand.

On the other hand, they claim they are the guardians of free speech and the watchdogs of government.  If people are not buying your news, however, how can the public know what you’re actually watchdogging?

The skeptic in me cannot help but think that any paper worth its grain in salt should make news easier to obtain rather than restricting it.

Until the Boo News figures that out, however, I’ve downloaded Firefox and Google Chrome to increase my free limit to 12 articles a month.  Now I can read the Sauk Prairie Eagle, too!


Sorry for the tasteless headline, but Chad Lee’s campaign is desperate.

The alleged volunteer who was allegedly beaten by Mark Pocan’s alleged husband is allegedly recanting his story.  If you missed this story, it was incredible from the beginning and kept getting more incredible as the days went on.  Ultimately, someone is probably going to be charged criminally and it is Kyle Woods.

This brings me back to my previous post about Mark Pocan’s taste for little boys.  A blog post that I asked why the media wasn’t attempting to debunk.  Now it hangs there like the Hanging Chad.

A closer examination of this blog shows a 1 page blog site and nothing more.

Seems to me this story is of even more value as I am willing to bet the blog can be traced back to Mr. Woods – if not the Lee campaign itself.

I apologize for the long extended break, but I need to join the 47% so I have more time for this stuff.  Before I expound on today’s headline, read this first – it is incredibly scary if it is true:  http://carstenerhard.wordpress.com/2012/10/13/mark-pocan-candidate-for-the-2nd-congressional-district-of-wisconsin-is-a-sex-tourist-coward-and-moral-degenerate/.

1)  If this is true, the author should go to the police – not post a 1 page blog.  Highly suspect that it only sits out there in this format.

2)  If it is true, his voting pattern is scary.

3) If it is not true – why does it just circle the internet?

I bring this story to your attention mainly to beat up on the media – again.  This story has been circulating for a couple of months now and they have had to have seen it.   They could have helped one of their own by clearing the air the way they do so often (think Candy Crowley).

I am fearful, however, this story is true and they won’t break it until after the Election.

So which is it?   Anyone out there?  Boo News?  Somebody?



After returning from the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention this past weekend, the media coverage was weak (can’t afford showing people being excited about Scott Walker) and inaccurate at best.  The media, who fails to understand the party, missed the real story of the weekend.  The Paul-bots.

Naturally, the media has to show a divided GOP based on the fact no one walked out with a party endorsement – it helps them portray the party as being radical due to the Tea Party influence.  News flash:  It is actually rare to get an endorsement out of the convention.  Scott Walker and Ron Johnson are the only candidates who have been endorsed at convention since the 1970’s.

And the Tea Party?  Only part of the story.  It’s the Paul-bots and the Libertarians that were the headliners (don’t forget Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mark Neumann here).  Lost in the papers were all of the pre-convention delegate hijackings as the Nuemann people (the Paul-bots) pressed every county chair they could find to insert delegates at the last minute.  They were successful in 26 counties.  They then distracted the Tea Partiers with other noise.  A lot of the Tea Party folks are new to politics and are quickly swayed into conspiracy theories.  The Paul-bots worked very hard over the past few weeks convincing this faction the establishment was trying to lock them out of the convention.

Here is how it actually works.  Every county meets in caucus and votes on its delegate list.  RPW has a rule that allows the county chair to make changes (mostly for clerical errors, deaths, etc.).  When the county chairs (46 of them) refused to play Neumann’s game – a conspiracy is born.

Jeff Fitzgerald led the third round – mostly having been rewarded in the first round voting by delegates who were moved by his speech about the uprising in the Capital last year and his hard-work in helping Scott Walker pass his reforms.  This caused Fitz to nudge Thompson to 3rd by 69 delegates of the 4,998 delegate votes cast.

To understand how important this is, Sauk County gets 48 delegates.  Only 10 members were in attendance, thus each member was allotted 4.8 delegate votes.  Four delegates reportedly switched to Fitz at the last moment – a swing of nearly 40 votes from Thompson to Fitz (19.2 delegate votes).  This is how important delegates are to this process.

Eric Hovde finished dead last and most of his 821 delegates then moved to Fitzgerald as he picked up an additional 714 delegates.  Oddly enough, 5,095 delegates votes were cast in the 2nd round.  Almost half of Neumann’s pickup came from the additional votes as his Paul-bots got back from the bar in time for the 2nd round.

Thompson was dropped from the ballot and 678 of his 925 delegates from the 2nd round moved to Fitzgerald.  From the 1st round, to the last round, Neumann never really budged.  He picked up 29 late delegates and 354 delegates from Thompson and Hovde. moving from 2,088 in the first round to 2,471.  Fitz in the meantime, picked up 1,524 delegates through 3 rounds.

In the end – Fitz took 51% of the “anybody but Neumann” vote.

The Libertarians have figured out they cannot win with their 3rd party platform, so they have joined the Republican Party.   That is fine, actually, because our parties must work together to defeat the Dems and the Greens and Barack Obama.

Here is what the Libertarians and some of the Tea Party faction is missing.  There is no “pure” conservative candidate and the independent vote does matter.  We only make up 35% of the electorate and we cannot win it alone. 

I disagree with Tommy’s position’s on trains and a few other things, but he also reformed welfare across the country.  Neumann stood up to the GOP establishment one day nearly 20 years ago, but he embraces unproven green technology to make a buck.  Fitz helped lead the fight here in Wisconsin, but at the same time it was Fitz’s moves in the Assembly (and his brother’s in the Senate) that put the Walker agenda at risk and on trial at the same time.  I am also tired of the Collective Bargaining elections (Prosser, Recall,Recall, Fitz?).

In polling data over the past year, the results are very consistent.  Tommy Thompson is the only sure thing against Tammy Baldwin.  Neumann always polls within the margin of error and Fitz loses. 

What about Hovde?  He’s a pretender and most-likely will not gain any real momentum.  He pretends to be the next Ron Johnson, but all you have to do is meet him to see that is not true.

So here is the message for my fellow Tea Partiers – the Libertarians are duping you.  If we want to take back America – we need to find conservative leaning candidates in left-leaning states.  Wisconsin was solid blue from 1998-2010.  The Libertarian agenda will not keep this great state red. 

My message to the GOP – clean up your rules.  The members vote on delegate lists and the integrity of those lists should be protected.

My message to the Libertarians – we get it, but every college professor has convinced your children that Ian Rand is actually Satan.  They spent 80 years socializing America – it’ll take us at least 80 years to take it back.  We can’t do this overnight.

John Dietz – Reedsburg Recall Walker Coordinator.

Reedsburg City Hall Polling Location – Recall Walker Petition Headquarters.

22 voters illegally vote in the Sauk County Board District 6 seat.

John Deitz wins the Sauk County Board District 6 seat by +1.

A recount, not noticed by the Baraboo News Republic it seems is conducted and 22 votes are tossed out.  Randomly – as if it were the “Hunger Games”.  (This is twice in the past two years the Sauk County Board of Canvassers has had to “randomly” toss votes – remember the Town of Sumpter nuns?)

Deitz now wins by “a wider margin” with the tally unreported in the BNR.

Is it a coincidence that Reedsburg is always the last to call in their election results or the problem more systemic.  This screams of ballot stuffing in a district that always votes for conservative candidates.


STATEMENT from Bluff Billy Bob:

Could the media headlines extort the facts behind this story any more than they have?

Who is John Galt?  Someone the left fears.

The A.V. Club (The Onion) wrote an article describing the 15 most unsuccessful adaptations of unadaptable books.  I was not surprised to see Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” on the list.  I argue it is a challenging book and if not done well, it can be difficult to grab an audience and take them through three movies to tell one story.  The book on tape was 11 hours long.

Of course the A.V. Club placed this book on the list more for political molding than for the content of the movie. 

First of all, the cinematography was fantastic.  A.V. Club:  “The film flagrantly defies the old dictum to show rather than tell.”  I am not exactly sure what they saw, but there was incredible imagery utilized throughout the movie to help tell the story of this futuristic world and they trash the use of railways to tell the story.  I think Ayn Rand thought that rail might be the future of the United States in 1957.  Heck, the liberals think it is today, so why not think that 55 years ago?

I absolutely adore Taylor Schilling as Dagny Taggart.  A.V. Club:  Schilling “leaves a terrible charisma void in the crucial lead role”.  Really?  OMG.  She was powerful and beautiful.  Two things liberals hate.  I thought Schilling nailed the character right on the head.  As I read the book, I viewed her to be a woman who seperated her personal life from business and left her sensuality in the bedroom where it belongs.  I think Schilling’s performance was incredible and believe she pulls this movie together.

A.V. Club:  “It is, first and foremost, a vehicle to spread the toxic “philosophy” of Objectivism”.  That is the introduction to their critical view.  At least they didn’t do anything like “tell the reader what to think” (sarcasm for you on the left).

This country was built on capitalism and our greatest wealth, power, and inventions came from it.  Rand tells of a world where our very existence is under attack by the moochers– the socialists who want all of the wealth and none of the risk.

A.V. Club:  The movie was widely “ignored by audiences”.  That’s because no one (particularly the major movie theaters) had the audacity to allow it to appear on the big screen.  Fans of the book had to actually lobby movie theaters to show it.  It never got the wide market screening it deserved, but I see it restocked in Baraboo’s Wal-Mart every week after it sells out.

I’ll take Ayn Rand’s world over the alternative any day.  View for yourself:

Ayn Rand’s vision:

Or this guy’s (Noodle Boy):